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Emerald Lakes, Tongariro Crossing, May 2013
Emerald Lakes, Tongariro Crossing, May 2013


You know a bit about at least one of us already, but here is a little more.

Dale grew up in Alexandra, studied Computer Science at Otago University and worked on Computer Games for 5 years. He worked in Wellington doing System Administration for a company called Catalyst IT.  He likes to do crazy things like cycling around Lake Taupo, sailing across Cook Strait and tramping. He also likes to fling himself downhill on a snowboard, and then get dragged back up it with a kite.  He is also keen on diving, and completed his PADI Dive Master course before leaving NZ.  He is now working (again) for Catalyst IT, but in the Brighton, United Kingdom branch.  He currently likes to play frisbee, multitudes of board games, and plan our next trips.

Rebecca grew up in Rotorua, New Zealand. She studied Zoology at Otago University and Captive Wildlife Management(Zoos!) in Hamilton. She worked as a Vet Nurse in a small-animal clinic in Wellington and enjoyed her job of cuddling kittens all day.  She studied part time while working, to get her Diploma in Vet Nursing, so she could work in the UK. She is now working at a branch practice of a large veterinary clinic in Brighton, in the United Kingdom.
She has always liked adventures. Her favourites are travelling, eating all the amazing food in Europe, snowboarding, and running.  How weird.

In NZ they had an adorable kitten called Panda, who ruled the house and got cuddles whenever she wanted, and sometimes when she didn’t.


How they met!

Rebecca’s cousins live in Alexandra, and her family would go down there for summer holidays.  Dale was friends with Rebecca’s cousin, Alastair, and they met one summer.   They were friends for a long time, but didn’t meet each other again until University in Otago,  They lived just down the road, and then just across the road from each other for ages, and did all sorts of friend things, as you do, being a student in Otago.  After leaving Uni, Dale went to the big city of Wellington, and Rebecca  moved to the farthest recesses of Southland.  They didn’t see each other for another few years, but then Rebecca moved back up to Civilisation, and began visiting her Otago friends, who had somehow all moved to Wellington.  It was the first time either of them had not been romantically attached to someone else, and during the visits, their friendship grew into something more.  As soon as was possible, Rebecca moved to Wellington, and I guess the rest is history!


Well. almost.  They moved to the little suburb of Karori, in Wellington, where they rented a lovely little house, and had a wonderful kitty called Panda!  They got married in the lovely town of Alexandra, in the South Island, with all their friends and families, and enjoyed a lot of skiing, sailing, and diving.  After consideration, they sold all their stuff, moved out of their flat, packed a 20kg tramping pack each, and left the country on a one way ticket.


Where are they now?

They travelled a few places in the USA:  San Francisco, New York, Seattle, then spent a winter in Canada, in the Rockies, living in a little town called Field (20 mins from Lake Louise, and 45mins from Banff), where they had much fun, and Becca wants to go back, cause, snow!  After Canada, they joined their best friends living in Brighton, in the United Kingdom, where they still are now, working, and planning trips to Europe.



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