3rd Feb, 2014

Turns out it is February already, not sure how that happened.  I like Canada.

I am a little disappointed it is not snowing more.  When we arrived in Field, it was in the middle of a week or so of snow, and it was all cloudy and snowy and delishuz.  After a few days it stopped, and has only snowed twice since then. I wish it would snow more.  I need more powder on my skifields.   I do appreciate the sun, and the sun makes the amazing scenery that much better… but… snow..

The temperature has been dropping over the past week.. our first couple of weeks here, the minimum was about -10, and some days it got up to 0, but now we’re getting usual temps of -15 to -25, and much colder overnight.   It is certainly an experience.  There is a windchill warning on the weather network website, as the windchill can make it ridiculously cold

I went for a run yesterday morning, even though it was -20 degrees C.  I wasn’t that keen on it, but thought I had better try it out, to see how it would go. I put on an extra layer on top and bottom, along with a balaclava and a hat, covering everything except my eyes, so I could see.  I thought wearing snow goggles to run was a bit extreme, but maybe next time!
The problem with running is that you generate a lot of heat, steam, sweat, evaporation.  As you heat the air around you, and the moisture settles on your balaclava, legs, hands, it then freezes again, and you get a nice little farm of ice crystals growing all over you, especially around your face.  At one point, my balaclava was frozen to my face, but it was better than having a bare face!

It was awkward, but doable, and it encouraged me not to stop during the run, as you get too cold!

Dale has some flu/cold/bad cough thing, that is exacerbated by the cold, dry air, so we are sticking close to home for a few days.

We will have to decide what we are doing in the next couple of weeks, for the rest of March, and whether we are going to stay in Canada.   I love it, and want to stay for the rest of the year, but we shall see what happens.  There are other things coming up that might be an incentive to move on sooner.

We saw a video on the net the other day, of people throwing boiling water out into the air, when the air temperature is less than -35 degrees C..  We don’t quite have that yet, but we thought it would be a fun experiment.  It ends up a lot of steam and foof, and not much of the water makes it to the ground.


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