Boarding, Banff

We spent another day at Lake Louise, boarding.


No new snow, but it was mid week, so there were very few people, and a severe lack of lift lines, which was great.  I got sore feet, which is not great.  But we did a few kms over the course of the day, and I got a top speed on 59km, and a maintained speed of 51kmh, which is pretty awsum for me.  It was almost sunny, with clouds and sunshine patches coming and going.   We could see the mountains around, with massive ice packs at the top.  Not much else to say about the day, just a few pics!



Lying in a snowbank under the trees, we saw a squirrel!
Lying in a snowbank under the trees, we saw a squirrel! (a little one)
View from Ptarmigan Chair
Moraine Lake to the left, Lake Louise to the right
Moraine Lake (valley in middle of pic), Lake Louise (white area to the right)
Surrounded by layered mountains

P1190625 P1190635 P1190636

Selfie!  Managed to miss most of the background
Selfie! Managed to miss most of the background
Lake Louise Village at the base of valley. Lake Louise itself is the flat white patch middle right




The next day Dale was doing some more study, and I relaxed with crochet and tv.  I like the Nat Geo Wild channel, it has a vet show which is interesting, and there are lots of animals!  Just what I need.

A touch of sunset
A touch of sunset

We headed over to Banff about 4pm-ish, to a lovely sunset over the mountains, and then did some grocery shopping.  The Safeway in Banff only had baskets (apparently you had to pay for a trolley, wut?), so we lugged around heavy baskets while we bought everything we needed.   We end up buying lots at once, as we only go to the store once  a week or so, as it is a bit of a trip.

After shopping, we headed over to the Banff Brewing Co again, for another screening of the Banff Movie festival thing.  Had lovely dinner, and delishuz poutine, and amazing videos.
I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned Poutine, but it is definitely a thing here.   It is a dish, with fries, covered in cheese curds and gravy.  Different places do variations on that, and some is definitely better than others.  Our first poutine was from a fast food place (mistake!) and was mostly just soggy and salty.   Our second try at poutine was at the Banff Brewing Co., and it was amazing.  We had it with all the usual, and sour cream.  Delishuz.  I am surprised I didn’t take a picture of it!
At the raffle, Dale won a hot pools pass, and then the people at tables around us left, and they gave us their tickets.  One of them won me a Patagonia windbreaker, which was pretty awsum, the right size and everything.

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