Lazy days, New Years

Didn’t do much over the next few days.     Started car research, as we want to buy a car to head into the rockies.  It seems kinda complicated.

Realise that I liked my life in Wellington, I miss my house, my cat, my job… I liked all of those things.  And my family!   Turns out I Like having my friends and family around.   I think partly a little homesickness, partly not knowing many people, but also partly I think coz the weather is pretty grey and drizzly here.  I have great memories of San Fran, but it was sunny and clear EVERY DAY we were there, which was a great start.  Vancouver in Winter is grey and drizzly.  Or grey.  Or rainy.  But thats ok,it is a fun city, I’ve enjoyed the things we’ve done,  and travelling is pretty awsum,  I would rather be travelling, than at home wishing I had travelled.  Once we get a car, we will do some great adventuring.  Also a bit of getting used to sharing accommodation with people, and the sometimes lack of personal space. But again, that will change soon.

Monday we attended a first aid course, as Dale needed to update his to finish his Dive Master, and I just needed to re-do.

New Years Eve we went ice skating in Robson square, which was very fun – ice is slippy!   And was a little frustrating, as they decided to stop and clean the ice before we had even done a lap.   They made everyone get off the ice, then bought out their little ice sucky machine, which I recognised from PvZ (Plants vs Zombies), and proceeded to scrape the ice, and then either melt the ice, or pour a layer of water over the top, which we then had to wait for it to ice over.  That bit was boring, but once we got back on it was fun.  There were, however, a lot of people!  There were snowflakes in the ceiling, a live band playing, christmasy decorations up, and pretty coloured lights all over the place.


An Ice Resurfacer
An Ice Resurfacer. I actually thought these were made up things, I had only seen them in PvZ. But that’s just silly, of course they’re real!


Hard to get good pictures with so many people around
Hard to get good pictures with so many people around
Puffy jackets!



We spent New Years Eve, at a party in the suburbs, we had been invited by Dale’s friend James; they had worked together at Sidhe in Wellington.  It was a really great night, with heaps of interesting and lovely people, and the whole evening went really quickly.  I got dragged off to catch the last bus back home well before I wanted to.  Downtown was still crazy busy, even at 3am, the streets were closed, and most seemed in such a good mood.  The hostel was full of people still enjoying themselves, chatting and singing.

New years day was all about sleeping.

Mapmyrun told me that I have run 840km this year, which is quite exciting for me!  Wouldn’t have thunk it, a couple of years ago, that I could manage to run regularly for a whole year.  And turns out that I really like it.

The next day we examined a car, which seemed good, but the garage didn’t seem impressed.  A bit sad, as there was a lot of bussing around and a lot of rain, but at least we’ve started!  And now have some idea of what we’re looking for or not.

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