San Fran Thurs 12th Dec – Freeway and Mountain View


Today I got to sleep in late.  Even so, still massively tired.  Checked out of our room, sorted our luggage for the day, then headed off into town.   We walked down via a Starbucks (there are about 10 of them within a 5 or so block radius near Market Street) then continued all the way down through Chinatown, to check out the gate.

Chinatown gate... Dale doesn't seem impressed by it.
Chinatown gate… Dale doesn’t seem impressed by it.



Lamppost in chinatown
Lamppost in chinatown


We then picked up our rental car and proceeded to drive through town, and get on the freeway!    One of the freeways.  There are a few of them.  There are not many large bridge freeways through the middle of town, due to earthquakes (most of the people that died in the last earthquake, were on collapsed freeways), but they are still big and 4-6 lanes and tons of cars.   A bit scary, but Dale drove and I navigated, and we managed well.  The freeway was huge and went for ages.  Also, they all drive on the wrong side of the road.  Part of my navigation, was advising to turn into the right hand side of the road, and stay to the right.

rental car
rental car
Freeway!  many lanes, clear california skies
Freeway! many lanes, clear california skies

We are staying in Sunnyvale the night, near Mountain View.   There didn’t seem to be much distinction between each city though, buildings and cars are just everywhere, just constant from San Fran to Mountain View and furthur.

We checked in to our hotel, then wandered down the road to find some food.   Much wider out here, definitely not a place for walking.  Everything is so spread out, and the roads are long and straight, and so much traffic.  There was a jobless guy at the intersection, one side if his sign was imploring for a job, the other side read ” my name is ….  Yes i am single.

We ate at Panda Express, a lovely typical fast food restaurant, where the drink sizes were huge, as were the portions.  Neither of us finished our dinners, but I did manage to find a whole pile of veges.  The smallest drink size looks to be a cup of approx 750ml.


We went for a brief run around the ‘burbs, which was interesting in being quite dark, but many houses had christmas lights, which was cool.    Then had dinner at Wendys, definitely an American fast food day.


A random sign I found
A random sign I found
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